Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the bright lights of america!!!

hey everybody!!! anti-flag's new cd, the bright lights of america, is in stores TODAY!!!! i've been listening to the album on their myspace page pretty much non-stop the past week and while im might be slightly biased, i've gotta say it's a lot of fun. i especially like vices, go west, and good & ready. and the title track. and spit in the face... i guess i could keep going and just say i like them all, because i do. GO BUY A COPY (or ten) TODAY!!! or at least this first week... strong first week sales are very important, and you know you'll have my eternal gratitude.

also, they put out a spoof newspaper (it is april fool's day, after all) of all the news that we wish was real, and it's very entertaining.

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